Kate Doyle



  • ACE Certificated Professional
  • Adult and Pediatric CPR and AED
  • Alex Varbanov (10 World Records) Head Coach of the School Of Champions
  • Jon North โ€“ Cal strength/MDUSA/Attitude Nation
  • The Ido Portal Method: Movement X workshop with John and Odelia


  • Phone: (613) 985 3547
  • Email: personaltrainingwithkate@hotmail.com
  • Social Media: Kate Doyle | Personal Training

Experience: I have 14 years of experience instructing children, teenagers, pre/postnatal individuals, and seniors in group settings, coupled with 5 years of personal training expertise.

Approach: A focus on technique, lifting fundamentals & an incorporation of functional training exercises/movements.ย ย 

Testimonials: โ€œKate was my trainer for 14 years and that in itself speaks volumes. Kate truly cares about her clients and wants to ensure that they achieve or exceed their fitness goals and expectations. Kate takes the time to understand the goals, limitations and challenges of her clients and carefully incorporates those considerations into her tailored workouts so that each client gets the maximum benefit from each workout. Kate is extremely knowledgeable in all forms of exercise and movement including strength training, flexibility, balance and cardio.ย  Her workouts are well planned, well explained, tough and challenging while also being creative, varied and fun. She will gently but firmly push you to what you think are your limits and beyond but is careful to ensure you donโ€™t go too far and get frustrated or, worse, injured. It was my privilege and pleasure to have Kate as my trainer for these past 14 years. I am confident that anyone who gets to train and work with Kate will feel the sameโ€ - Stella Cย 

Availability: Mornings, afternoons & early evenings as well as Saturdays